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Federico Colli talks to James Imam ahead of the release of his latest disc of Scarlatti Sonatas -Chandos Records CHAN 20134-


"He is not content with simply being a first-rate pianist.
His mission is to get closer to the truth.
And guided by Thomas Aquinas’ notion that ‘beauty is the splendour of truth’ he is doing so through his playing."

International Piano
No. 65, March 2020

Freethinking philosopher
For Federico Colli, music is an expression of humankind’s quest for truth, unlocking pathways
to transcendence through its beauty and endless possibilities for originality.

Risk is fundamental: the risk to think something that nobody has ever thought before, and to have the courage to say it.

Romantic dandy: Federico Colli has earned a reputation for his distinctive dress sense.

There needs to be an intensity of idea from the start to the end of a piece.