New review

New review

Federico Colli, Case Scaglione and the Orchestre National d'Île-de-France at the Philharmonie in Paris

by Alain Cochard

Federico Colli is confirmed as one of the most successful pianists of his generation

Federico Colli, an admirable Italian artist, returns to Paris and the previous excellent impressions are confirmed with a Beethoven Concerto No. 5 marked by the seal of an authentic personality.
The ability of the Italian pianist to inhabit the musical time is expressed in an Emperor far from excessively hasty conceptions. He plays it with a deep breath and invests it down to the smallest detail with an art of phrasing continuously based on a sound as rich and varied as it is significant.
Perfect the harmony with the ONDIF and Case Scaglione, since every his gesture serves to dialogue with the soloist. No emphasis, no excess but - through the intensity of the exchange between the piano and an orchestra always attentive - the symphonic dimension of the score is affirmed.
Colli, with the strength of his perfect mastery of timbre, gives color to every small harmonic aspect of the Adagio, before arriving to a Finale as proud as it is devoid of irrelevant romantic aspects.
Colli's transcription of the famous "Lascia ch'io pianga" by Handel acts as an encore and its touching sobriety is perfectly combined with the memory of the victims of the pandemic.

Paris, Philharmonie 21 May 2021