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"One feels one is stepping into another world. Sample and decide!" (James Manheim, All Music ★★★)
"This is some of the finest Mozart on the piano I have heard in many a moon."
(Colin Clarke, Classical Explorer)
"It’s not a question of ‘liberties’ taken: it’s about a kind of musical free-association, a grabbing of clues in the score which most pianists follow to the letter, but which Colli takes in both hands and runs with." (Michael Church, BBC Music Magazine ★★★★)
"It is a highly seductive album where the performer has set out to capture, very successfully, the Zeitgeist." (Andrew Palmer, Yorkshire Times)
"Federico Colli’s approach to speeds and phrasings stems first of all from inner conviction and contextualising research, then the notes on the page." (Geoff Brown, The Times ★★★★)

The acclaimed young Italian pianist Federico Colli delivers the first volume of an extremely personal survey of keyboard works by Mozart, including the Sonata in B flat major KV 333, the Rondo in D major KV 485 and the Fantasies KV 396, KV 397 and KV 475

This album is the first instalment of a new, intensely personal project for the pianist: an exploration of selected piano works by Mozart. It was the discovery (at the age of around six) of Mozart's music that caught the imagination of the young Federico and inspired him to study music, and it was winning the International Piano Competition Mozart, in Salzburg, that launched his career as a pianist. His approach has been to immerse himself completely in Mozart's own experience at the composition of each piece: where was Mozart living, what was he doing, what were his motivations behind each composition? Only after in-depth study of biographies of Mozart, his (and others') letters, the historical, social, and political background, the Zeitgeist, the cultural atmosphere surrounding each work, does Colli then approach the scores and start the process of building his interpretations. 

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Treffpunkt Klassik

Federico Colli: Klavierwerke von Mozart
von Christoph Vratz

With the recordings of Bach and Scarlatti, Federico Colli has shown that he is an artist with special ideas. He is now proving it again with this first recording of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's piano works. Christoph Vratz shows where these special ideas can be found.

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Hörstoff - Neue Klassik-Alben
Frei und mutig: Federico Colli spielt Mozart
von Christoph Vratz

Starting point for a larger Mozart project with the Italian pianist Federico Colli. For Christoph Vratz, an exciting start making you joyful for the upcoming episodes. (Chandos / CHAN 20233).