Live in Dublin

Live broadcast on RTÉ lyric fm by Paul Herriott

Federico Colli is a player with a sophisticated tonal palette, and his approach to early Beethoven was crisp, clearly sculpted and always musically well-mannered.

Michael Dervan, The Irish Times

Italian pianist Federico Colli gave a stylish performance of Beethoven’s second piano concerto, accompanied by the RTÉ Symphony Orchestra. The dazzling 27-year-old took it in his stride and it was not difficult to scent the styles of Mozart and Haydn here. Judging by his 2012 Leeds International victory, Colli is a supremely talented technician and well capable of keyboard histrionics, but he impressed with maturity and common sense. This concerto did not afford opportunity for firework displays, but rather resisted the temptation to push it along aggressively into the “real Beethoven” style of later years. Colli allowed it to flow naturally, with admirable elegance and lashings of panache.

Dick O'Riordan, Sunday Business Post

Paul Herriott has presented the live concert by Federico Colli from the Dublin National Concert Hall with the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra under the chief Conductor Alan Buribayev

Beethoven's 2nd Piano Concerto 1/3

Beethoven's 2nd Piano Concerto 2/3

Beethoven's 2nd Piano Concerto 3/3

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